Mentalist Cho/Jane Slash Fic
Title: Cho's Life
Author: Stella Bryce (aka: sb)
Fandom: The Mentalist
Pairing: Jane/Cho
Please inform and credit me if you post this anywhere. Not that anyone will want to...I'm just sayin'...

You might want to read Kaytee4ever's Jane's Death ( before reading this. My story will make sense on it's own but it was written as a companion piece to Kaytee's so I strongly encourage you to check it out.

A/N This is the first time I've posted something I've written. It's scary! I would appreciate feedback but keep it kind. I can take criticism, sure, just be polite about it. Of course if you actually like this PLEASE let me know - particularly what you liked about it. Then maybe I'll write more. This is an AU, slash story and by most standards would be rated T - age 13+ (for non-explicit adult themes, references to violence).

This story came about because I challenged my friend Kaytee4ever to write another version of her Jane's Death story but from Cho's POV. She ultimately accepted the challenge but then turned the tables on me and challenged me to do the same. After some hesitation and thought, I accepted. Below is a note from Kaytee. I sent her a copy before I decided to put it up here. This is the story Cho's reaction to Jane's death. Much thanks to Kaytee4ever for encouraging me to do this, I'd have most likely not written it otherwise.

Note from Kaytee: "SB has my full support and permission to write this AU follow up to my Jane/Cho fic, "Jane's Death." I like her take on it and how she expressed Cho's emotions, very raw and believable"

See this story here: Cho's Life


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